Production Rates


These video production costs are provided as a guide for your training, safety, corporate image or educational video. Since each video is unique, please contact us for an exact quote. Discounts are available for educational and non-profit organizations.

1 DAY SHOOT 1 camera $950/day, $650/half day, includes camera, choice of

HD Sony Z1U HDV) (2)HVX200 to P2 cards or SD XL2 DVX100- mics, lights, tripod, and DAT.

1 DAY SHOOT 2 camera $1350/day, $850/half day, includes camera (choice of XL-2, DVX 100A, GL-2, Sony Z1U HDV) mics, lights, tripod, and DAT.

EDITING $75/hr



Animation: $75/hr 

Green screen available on location

Tape transfer

Beta, U-matic, VHS, mini DV, standard DV


OTE offers field production packages with Digital and High Definition cameras. Each production package includes all the needed support equipment and an experienced crew. For smaller jobs, we provide our economical single camera/single operator option.

OTE offers video production instruction.  

OTE is owned by Karen Rybold Chin and is unique in its approach to educational documentary work. We have a vast archive of footage to draw from (owned by OTE) and adjust our shooting and production rates to accommodate the dissemination of informational forums and workshops.

video that includes short animation and green screen technique